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If you are looking for some great looking tits and pussies, mine is titty-licious and pussy-licious. Now if that won’t interest you, go to a twinks’ site.

Before the actual fucking. I always prepare my cunt by basting it with a lubricant, smearing the lube all over my pussy, stroking it, and fingering it. When my pussy juice starts oozing out from my twat then it’s time for me to fuck my cunt with a strange looking apple green colored dildo.

Then after the strange dildo satisfies me. I will change positions and go down on all fours and get another strange looking dildo. This time, it’s a pink hollow tube where I can insert my fingers into it. Then I will shove it in my anus and butt-fuck myself with this strange toy.

I will return to the missionary position again and I will take my fingers out from the hollow tube sex toy, leaving it inside my ass. Then I get the apple green colored dildo to fuck my pussy with it again.

I will enjoy having double penetration until I have multiple orgasms. I also accept requests. Meaning, tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it for you.

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