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I am a wild blonde slut and I do amazing solo performances. I am a tireless sex machine with super pelvic muscles!

Here’s how I do things. I make you bored enough to actually make you want to pull the plug of your PC from the socket. Once I can sense that boredom is building up in you, then I’ll pounce on you like a tigress hungry for flesh.

I will show you a cock-raising erotic dancing and l will strip my garb one by one. First, I’ll take off my bra for you to see my pointy and perky tits. Then I’ll drop my zebra striped thong for you to have a clear view of my smoothly shaven pussy. At this point you can drool all you want and start wanking your cock.

Now, that I’m in my birthday suit, I will rub my pussy with a lubricant and start massaging my cunt concentrating on my clit. When I get excited enough, I’ll take my rubber dildo out and fuck my pussy with it. I’ll let you watch my dildo go in and out my wet slippery twat. Then I will insert it all the way in allowing my pussy to swallow my sex toy. It’s just like giving birth in reverse.

If that will amaze you my next act will be quite exciting. I’m going to use muscle control to slowly bring the sex toy out from my pussy. No strings and no using of hands. The dildo will rise from my pussy like a plant sprouting from the soil. It will slide out from my pussy on it’s own.

And if you think that will make me call it a day, there’s still more. I’ll take out another sex toy to insert in my hungry ass. I’d let you see some good double penetration action. I’ll fuck my holes with two of my favorite toys. And I will only stop if I already squirt my feminine juice all over the place. How does that sound to you?

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