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They say there’s something in my eyes that when they look at them, the only thing they can do is to do what I ask them to do. I’m just a college slut, but I already have this power over men.

I am petite and have this flirtatious look that make my professors give me some fairly good grades even if I was failing. You can catch me online all the time coz I love flirting in cyber space. I masturbate online a lot. I flash my boobies and cookie to any guy hungry for a young girl’s body.

I enjoy the internet so much. I get to be with different boys and have sex with them without their dirty little hands touching me. I can make them shoot their jizz even if I’m miles away from them.

So, would you like me to make you cum as well? I’d finger-fuck my ass for you if you want. You can look at my nice titties and wet pussy as long as you want. Ask me to do nasty and kinky things for you. What I’m trying to say is that you’ll definitely have fun with me. Still in doubt? Try me.

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